dawn, chora, patmos   st. john monastery at dusk   dawn and a cruise ship at Patmos harbor
caique - wooden boat   aspronissi island, near Patmos   caique at aspronissi
washing feet ceremony maundy thursday   feast of the virgin mary ceremoney   epitaphio
greek folkdance   greek wedding   greek folkdance
greek folkdance   greek folkdance   greek folkdance
greek folkdance   greek easter bread   greek icon
rainbow patmos harbor   patmos harbor   patmos island view
lightning over patmos   agriolivadi, patmos   ferry boat patmos
greek icon   greek icon   holy water
monk in st. john monastery   feast of virgin mary   procession of priests
greek taverna restaurant   greek taverna restaurant   church candles burn
profit elias mountain   st. john theologian chapel   profit elias devil's mountain
nun with easter bread   resurrection candlelight easter service   greek mosaic icon
priest and church service   abbot of monastery   priest, relic ceremony
view of patmos   view of patmos   patmos view
patmos view with church   epiphany   unknown soldier patmos
onions and fava   full moon and chapel   goats, patmos
orange and bitter orange trees   priests   worker with wheelbarrow

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  The Patmos Collection was first exhibited at the Athens Cultural Center in the fall of 1988, in conjunction with the celebration of the 900th Anniversary of the Monastery of St. John of Patmos, where St. John wrote the Book of Revelations. It was later exhibited at the Cultural Center in Skala, on Patmos Island, and then for six years in the Treasury Museum of the Monastery of St. John of Patmos. About half the collection is at the Skala Hotel, in the harbor town of Patmos.

In the United States, the collection was first exhibited in January 1989 at Zygos Gallery in Washington, D.C, and again, at Eastertime in 1990 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City (sponsored by the Greek National Tourist Organization and Kaufman & Maraffi Advertising.) A dozen of the photographs are in the permanent collection of Periyali Restaurant in Manhattan, New York

The photographs were taken by Randa Bishop, an American from New York City and Las Vegas. Ms. Bishop lives on Patmos part time, which gave her the opportunity to capture Patmos life in depth. Many of the photographs depict religious events, not only because the Monastery of St. John is a focal point of island life, but also because of its recognition in Christendom. Greek Orthodox Religious Easter-week ceremonies depicted include the famous outdoor "Washing of the Feet" service performed by the Abbot and Priests of the Monastery of St. John of Patmos, on Maundy Thursday; the Funeral Service of Christ (a village procession ) on Good Friday; and the Candlelight Resurrection Service held in the Monastery on the eve of Easter. Facets of Patmos secular life are also shown.

The first exhibition was made possible through private sponsorship and the assistance and participation of Mr. and Mrs. Stefanos Geroulanos of Zurich, Switzerland; Miss Anna Von Meiss of Hong Kong; Mrs. Alexandra Voyatzoglou of Athens, Greece; Mr. William de Michele, Mr. Eugene Christiansen, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCabe of New York City; Mr. Dimitri Petrandis of Patmos, Greece, and Mrs. Frances V. Bishop of Los Angeles.

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